Social Network Strategy

Montreal Social Network Strategy

Our team of experts will help you find the most suitable social media for your company to boost your social image!

Presence on social media networks

Your presence on social network is the key to build your customers' loyalty and increase your popularity. Depending on your professional field, they can be as important as your website given they are part of your brand image's life. It is also the first level of communication with your customers and target users, where you can directly interact with them and receive their comments.

Briefing et Stratégie

1. Creation and optimization

We will analyze which are the most suitable social media for your target users and your professional area so that your Web presence will be relevant and optimized.

Briefing et Stratégie

2. Animation and loyalty

We will teach you how to create efficient content on social media. You will also be familiarized with communication technics to maintain loyalty to your brand and reply to comments. 

Briefing et Stratégie

3. Social Network content strategy

We will teach you how to think through your content to create a consistency between your social posts and your brand image. You will also benefit from our advice to find content ideas.

Briefing et Stratégie

4. Statistics analyze

We will use data provided by monitoring tools on social media to see what is the typical profile of your users, the best hours to share content with them and how your performances progress throughout time.

Briefing et Stratégie

5. Strategy performances follow-up

As for every digital strategy, a follow-up is required to reach your objectives and communicate in a relevant way. We will regularly analyze your performances to adjust your content and interactions strategy while making sure the defined objectives are still realistic.

Social media need to be tamed to bring an added value to your brand.


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