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Design and creation of a NEW website
Describe us what type of site you expect: showcase website, e-commerce, intranet... What functionalities you expect: user management, newsletter, website in French and in English, forum, blog, portfolio, submission forms, contact forms ... If it is an e-commerce site, please specify the nature of your activity, the types of products you sell, what are the variations of your products, should the website be connected to a database External data ... If you have an idea of the structure of your website (menu, data type), do not hesitate to tell us about it!
Work on your CURRENT website
On what tool your site is based (WordPress, Joomla !, Drupal ...) What are the current functionalities of your site: users management , newsletter, site in French and in English, forum, blog, submission forms, contact forms, e-commerce ... What do you want to do on this one? Add new features, changes to existing features ...
Development of CUSTOM management solution
Help us understand what you expect from the application, its main goal (eg: client database management) as well as the features you want to include in it: sending of emails, geo-location, internal messaging , export of data ... Also specify whether the system will interact with an existing or external database.
SEO & Advertising
What do you expect from 8P Design? An audit of your current situation, help with writing your content, support on paid campaigns like Google Adwords. Also consider listing your competition.
Social networks
You want assistance on how to use social networks, you want 8P Design to manage your social networks, integrate them on your website, audit them ... Describe how we can help you.
I want an audit of my website, my competition, or my social networks as well as those of my competitors. I want help with writing my content. I want to establish a brand strategy ...
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